Hooray! We're proud to announce that TipTop.io is opened for the public. With a small "beta" plan and for small projects, but it's here.

TipTop.io provides Kibana UI for event log analytics. Kibana is one of the most popular tools for log analytics and monitoring. It’s an Open Source tool and has hundreds of tutorials and articles available online.

This analytics tools operates events log and other time-series data provided by client app hosted on Google Cloud. Allows to build custom dashboards based on this data, visualized company metrics or do custom analytics. All monitoring and analysis capabilities are highly configurable, users decide what they want to analyze and visualize.

For example for App Engine TipTop.io can collect data from all app requests, response times, latencies, costs, api usage, network performance data and more. All of this is provided by Google Cloud Platform, clients don’t need to modify existing app code to start using TipTop.io with their application.

TipTop.io does this by:

For now we offer a special highly discounted plan, with just $39.95/mo, which works just great for small business and start-ups. Even more, for first 3 months of use, you'll get a special discount, for 30%. Which makes final price as small as $29.97/mo. You probably have already calculated that it's much cheaper that having your own server (and we aren't taking about managing this server). See the prices for the Basic Plan.

And of course we can provide a private plan when you need more data to process and have special requirements. We'll carefully analyze your needs, and provide most optimal solution for you. Optimal VM types, optimal memory and cpu, SSD disks where it needed, optimal cluster size, which will grow following your business needs. It can be hosted on Google Cloud or your private datacenter. Just let us know what you need, splix@tiptop.io or +1 (415) 501-0256