One of the hardest part of setting app analytics dashboard, such as Kibana and ELK stack itself, is making fast and reliable process to get all log & event data into the system. It's especially hard when you that to get process this data as a third party SaaS, like we do it with But with Google Cloud Platform we can do that much easier that with others clouds.

Basically it looks like in following schema:

Most GCP services, App Engine for example, automatically puts their log into Google Cloud Logs, that's what you can see in Logs Console. Which is really helpful to debug your app. Besides log messages, it contains a lot of valuable information about each HTTP request. Including internal metrics which is cost, latency, instance id, and many others. With right tools it can say a lot about how your app works today, it's a source of many important app metrics.

Fortunately GCP allows you to export such logs into other services, to PubSub, Storage and BigQuery. Ability to export app logs to PubSub is especially important, it allows to process app logs in near real time.

And finally, Google OAuth2 and Cloud IAM provides a simple way to give access to your PubSub topic from other projects. Which give us literally a one click install, user just give us access through OAuth2 and select a Pub/Sub topic to get logs from. And that's it, after few minutes you'll see your App Engine logs in Kibana.

That's the one of many things that we love in Google Cloud Platform.