Google Cloud and App Engine log analytics

Track all requests to your app, discover what's really happening to your app, when you have errors, which parts of app makes most load, or which type of users have problems with accessing your site.

Make reports, with charts, plots, or maps. Based on request log, api costs, errors or any other data present in your logs.

Start Using TipTop Is Now Open to the Public Is Now Open to the Public

Hooray! We're proud to announce that is opened for the public. With a small "beta" plan and for small projects, but it's here.

How Google Cloud Platform is simplifying Log Analysis

How Google Cloud Platform is simplifying Log Analysis

One of the hardest part of setting app analytics dashboard, such as Kibana and ELK stack itself, is making fast and reliable process to get all log & event data into the system. It's especially hard when you that to get process this data as a third party SaaS, like we do it with But with Google Cloud Platform we can do that much easier that with others clouds. Beta Launch Beta Launch

Are your resources being efficiently used?
What is current bottleneck of your app?
How many of your API calls are coming from mobile client? vs. web client?
What it will cost to you to provide this particular service?